Surgitrac Instruments manufactures specialist surgical instruments

Surgitrac® Instruments is the new name for SD Healthcare

Frequently asked questions about our name change

Frequently asked questions about our name change

Surgitrac® Instruments is the new name for SD Healthcare

Why are you changing the company name and branding?

A: Over two years ago we purchased a surgical instruments manufacturer; we invested in systems, equipment and resource. At that time SD Healthcare was the only distributor of the products it manufactured. Due to our ongoing efforts, its products are now used worldwide, made available through multiple distributors and agents. We are so confident in our manufacturer Surgitrac® Instruments that we are adopting its name, in line with our other companies in the Surgitrac Instruments Group.
We are Surgitrac® Instruments.

“What are the advantages of this change of company name?”
A: Our new name Surgitrac® Instruments better reflects our core business, the manufacturing and distribution of specialist surgical instruments. It is a globally recognised brand, registered and protected throughout Europe, China, Australia and the USA.

“What is the new company name?”
A: We will be known as “Surgitrac® Instruments”. This is our new brand name.

Our registered name is:
Surgitrac Instruments UK Limited,
10 Wharfside Business Park,
Irlam Wharf Road,
M44 5PN,

“Will the tax or commercial register numbers change?”
A: No the company’s VAT and registration number stay the same.
“Will the bank data change?”
A: Our bank details have recently changed. We wrote to all of our customers with this information. If you need this information again, please contact

“Will older invoices have to be addressed to SD Healthcare or Surgitrac® Instruments?”
A: Can we ask that invoices are now sent to Surgitrac Instruments UK Limited and that suppliers update their systems.

“When will we have to send purchase orders in the name of Surgitrac Instruments UK Limited?”
A: There is no cut off; legally we are the same company with a new name. We will accept orders as before, but we encourage customers to update their systems/records with the new company name

“Are you changing your telephone, fax number, and your e-mail addresses?”
A: No, you can still use the current contact numbers. We can still access/receive emails sent to but we will be using new email addresses for outgoing emails from January 2018. We will publish all of our new emails contacts on the website shortly.

“Is there a new contact for me?”
A: No, see above, your contacts all remain the same; they will let you know their new email addresses.

“My customers / team only are familiar with the name “SD Healthcare they do not know the name “Surgitrac® Instruments”. Can you keep the old company name in my region?”
A: No – even though we are proud of our name and of our company history, all the companies of the Surgitrac® Instruments Group use the new name starting from January 2018.

After this date all internet traffic will be re-routed to and its website will be updated.

Is pricing changing?
A: Your current pricing will not change, customers are advised to contact customer services or the territory manager with any price queries.

Will the products codes change?

A: No,  all our codes will stay exactly the same.
The content of our website will move over to, so if customers have any links saved, for example to a product they will be automatically routed to that product on our new website.

Please contact us if you have a question that is not listed here.