Surgitrac Instruments manufactures specialist surgical instruments

Manufacturing to meet market demands


We were approached by a company to manufacture single-use vitreoretinal (VR) instruments

“The instruments were made with expert precision, the process from inception to production was seamless”

OEM manufacturing

Company A* approached Surgitrac Instruments to ask it to manufacture a specialist surgical instrument for vitreoretinal surgery (operations to treat eye problems involving the retina, macular, and vitreous fluid).These specialist micro-surgical instruments are designed to facilitate surgeries where incisions are <2 mm.

It required a cost effective single-use solution, that offered the same weight, balance and feel of reusable surgical instruments. The market preference in the region company A, is located is for single-use products.

We manufactured a range of VR instruments for company A,  to compliment its existing portfolio of vitreoretinal surgery solutions.

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*The name of the company has been omitted for commercial confidentiality.