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99% pure heavy liquids

99% pure heavy liquids

For VR surgery

When choosing heavy liquids for temporary tamponade, purity is everything.

Surgitrac Instruments UK is the only supplier to the NHS of perflourocarbons from trusted manufacturer Arcad-Ophtha.

Its heavy liquids are independently tested and certified to not produce cytotoxicity.

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Click here to view the non cytotoxicity validation certificate.

These highly purified perflourocarbons, 99% pure Arcotane C10 F18 and 97% pure Arcoline C8 F18 are:

  • The only perflurocarbons that are tested on Human ARPE retinal cells.
  • Independently toxicity tested by Instituto Universitario de OftalmobiologĂ­a Aplicadaon (IOBA);
  • Tested in line with ISO standards.
  • Also Tested on Porcine retinal explants.
  • Exceeding FDA standards for purity.

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