Are you sitting comfortably?

Brumaba Balance

Achieve an ergonomically correct posture with specialist surgeons’ chairs by Brumaba

Ensure that you are sitting stable and safely during ophthalmic procedures.

Rest your arms comfortably and maintain a healthy back, with Brumaba Balance chairs.

Brumaba’s Balance range offers a unique, patented curved seat section, that allows equal weight distribution.

Its adjustable inclination creates a perfect sitting position, while the seat back provides additional lordotic support.

Achieve the desired height position, by adjusting the column with the easy to reach, foot release.

Using the foot, ensures sterility and removes the need to reach, or turn, to locate the lever.

The Balance has anti-static wheels, enlarged castors, and an optional brake.

Brumaba manufactures a range of surgeons’ chairs, stools, operating tables and accessories.

Surgitrac is the authorised distributor for Brumaba products in the UK.

We offer delivery, installation, support and maintenance.

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Brumaba Balance

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