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Helping save sight in Africa with VISION 2020

Surgitrac helping to save sight in Africa with VISION 2020

Surgitrac donated around 300 intraocular lenses to the VISION 2020 LINKS Programme.

The donation consisted of one-piece hydrophobic, hydrophilic, and anterior chamber lenses of various dioptres.

The VISION 2020 LINKS Programme works to improve the quality and quantity of eye care training, and it has so far established 30 LINKS between training institutions (mainly) in Africa and the UK.

Marcia Zondervan, VISION 2020 LINKS Programme Manager said:

“Many of the VISION 2020 LINKS partners have patients who find it difficult to purchase their own IOL’s as they are often unaffordable. We will ensure that these go to deserving units for the benefits of their patients.”

The LINKS programme thanked Surgitrac for its generous donation.

Links programme Manager, Marcia (right) with LINKS partner Ophthalmologist Dr. Grace of Mulago Hospital, Uganda.

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