Phaco chopper and Mushroom manipulator

Phaco chopper / Mushroom manipulator a new ophthalmic instrument from Surgitrac®

This double-ended multi purpose instrument for cataract surgery. These are single-use and come packed in boxes of 10 sterile and ready to use.

Chopper end suitable for right handed person, whilst the smooth mushroom button end is 0.5 mm. The handle area measures 70 mm.

We offer 19 different Phaco choppers and manipulators for cataract surgery.  Click here to view the products.

Surgitrac Instruments is a manufacturer of single-use ophthalmic surgical instruments. Its products are CE Marked MDR compliant and suitable for sale in most countries. Outside of the UK customers can purchase only from authorised distributors, you can find a list of these here.

Surgitrac offers:

  • Quality assured, CE marked products,manufactured to internationally recognised standards.
  • OEM and private label product
  • Bulk wholesale items.
  • Transparency in our supply chain, no forced, or child labour is used during our manufacturing.
  • A continuous supply of products, we have the capacity to manufacture millions of instruments each year.
  • Any combination of instruments as a custom-made, procedure packs.
  • Over 10 years’ experience in Chinese manufacturing.
  • 24 years’ experience of selling to the NHS.



Phaco chopper & Mushroom manipulator (double ended)

Phaco chopper & Mushroom manipulator (double ended)







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