How do we measure the quality of reusable stainless steel ophthalmic instruments?

Reusable surgical instrument quality

Single-use, disposable instruments are a popular and convenient choice for ophthalmic surgery; they reduce the risks, and costs associated with reprocessing and repeated sterilisation. However reusable stainless steel instruments remain a popular choice for many and corrosion is a genuine cause of concern for the user.

In truth, no stainless steel is truly stainless. Even the highest grade medial stainless steel, over time could become spotted or stained. The most common cause of corrosion in surgical instruments is caused by improper handling of the instruments, during, the cleaning, and sterilisation process.

How does Surgitrac® guarantee the quality of its reusable instruments to ensure they withstand repeated sterilisation?

We only use medical grade stainless steel that is Austenitic, meaning its composition is high in corrosion resistant chromium (16 -26%) and is nonmagnetic.

Our manufacturing process includes the following steps to enhance the ability to resist corrosion

1) Our manufacturing facility in China only sources stainless steel from approved suppliers.

2) The steel we use is Austenitic, meaning it is also very low in carbon that is susceptible to corrosion by oxidisation.

3) Passivation is a non-electrolytic process where finished instruments are bathed in nitric or citric acid which removes free iron from the surface and forms an inert, protective oxide layer that in turn renders the stainless steel more rust-resistance due to lack of iron to react with the atmosphere.

Surgitrac Instruments reusable stainless steel range is certified as corrosion free, and has been independently tested against British Standards BS 5194; BS EN ISO 13402.

Surgitrac Instruments has carried out independent corrosion testing, these tests cover a selection of its reusable instruments and their corrosion resistance to Copper Sulphate and resistance to boiling water.

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Reusable surgical instrument quality

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