Strabismus surgery

Strabismus surgery

Also known as squint surgery is an ophthalmic procedure, commonly carried out on children. Strabismus surgery may:

  • Improve the position of the eyes to make a squint less noticeable.
  • Improve or remove double, depth or 3D vision.
  • Correct an unusual tilt or turn of the head.

The procedure:

A patient is referred by an orthoptist, a healthcare professional involved in the diagnosis of eye conditions and the procedure is performed by an ophthalmologist.

The procedure involves the tightening of, or moving of the eye muscles under the conjunctiva.  Stitches are used to attach the muscles into their new positions. The procedure takes around an hour and the patient can typically go home the same day.

The surgery is usually successful and 90% of UK patients will report an improvement.

The procedure is generally safe, and any complications are mostly minor and rarely serious.

Surgitrac Instruments manufactures a range of surgical instruments suitable for this procedure include Jameson strabismus hooks, strabismus scissors and muscle hooks. We can assemble procedure trays containing any combination of instruments to suit most surgical needs. Contact us for more information.

Paediatric speculums

Muscle hooks

Castroviejo caliper

Tying forceps

Fixation forceps



For more information on squint surgery visit the RNIB website.

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