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Many patients undergoing ophthalmic procedures. such as cataract, are elderly and may have significant, or multiple health issues.

Local anaesthesia is one of the most used techniques for many ocular procedures, however the use of “sharp instruments” in peribulbar and retrobulbar anaesthesia carry the risk of causing serious complications like optic nerve damage.

As a result, a local anaesthetic technique may be inappropriate.

The technique of Sub-Tenon’s anesthesia, using a blunt needle is a procedure of choice for ophthalmic anesthetists and surgeons.
While there is no method of ocular anesthesia that is completely risk free, sub-tenon block is a newer technique that may be relatively safer.

We offer a single-use, sterile, ready to use Sub Tenon set.

  • Moorfields forceps fine tip SA17.
  • Kratz Barraquer closed loop speculum SC132.
  • Westcott scissors Dolphin nose SA15.

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NEW Sub tenon set

new sub tenon set

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A set of sterile, ready to use, single-use ophthalmic instruments.

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