Surgitrac attends BIPOSA Paediatric Ophthalmology meeting

Dr Anna Maino

Surgitrac attends BIPOSA Paediatric Ophthalmology meeting

Surgitrac Instruments UK attends the British & Irish Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Association (BIPOSA) 12th annual meeting 4 October 2018, at the Hilton hotel Manchester.

BIPOSA is an association for those committed to enhancing the care of children with eye and vision problems and adults with eye movement and alignment problems. Formed after an amalgamation of the British Isles Squint Association and the Childrens’ Eye Group.

Members of the association include surgeons specialising in children’s eye care and adult strabismus surgery, and orthoptists who are specialists in children’s vision assessment and eye movement problems. Associate members include paediatric / strabismus fellows, overseas paediatric ophthalmologists, vision scientists and researchers with a special interest in children’s vision problems. BIPOSA is committed to education, research for the benefit of all, and to developing the paediatric ophthalmologists of tomorrow.

The three day meeting runs from 3 – 5 October 2018, and Surgitrac UK will be in the exhibitors arena at location 6 (Thursday only).

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