Are Surgitrac’s instruments good quality?

Surgitrac instrument quality

Independent metallurgy report validates the quality of Surgitrac’s instruments

You don’t have to take our word for it; click here to download a copy of the metallurgy report.

Surgitrac Instrument quality

We commissioned an independent test on a selection of Surgitrac Instruments’ single use, reusable and titanium ophthalmic forceps.

These instruments were subject to X-ray fluorescence testing to determine the metallic composition.

We batch test instruments on a regular basis to ensure that the raw materials used in our manufacturing are of a consistent quality.

These tests are carried out in accordance with ISO 7153-1:2016,  a standard that specifies metals commonly used to manufacture various types of standard surgical instruments.

The results confirmed that both the single-use and reusable instruments are manufactured from Cronidur® 30 pressure-nitrided, martensitic steel.

Cronidur® 30 offers outstanding durability and hardness levels up to 60 HRc, it is commonly used in the medical instruments and aerospace industries.

The titanium reusable premium range instruments are manufactured from Ti 6-4 Grade 5 annealed. This non-ferrous alloy is extremely resistant to corrosion and easily tolerates high temperatures experienced during reprocessing, and is commonly used in biomedical implants.

View our single-use instruments online here.

surgitrac instruments quality

surgitrac instruments quality

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