Oculoplastic Surgery

What is Oculoplastic Surgery?

Oculoplastic surgery is a general term covering a variety of procedures that involve the orbit, eyelids, tear ducts, and the face. Ocular reconstructive surgery, aesthetic eyelid surgery, facial plastic surgery, and cosmetic procedures fall into this category.

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We offer a range of single-use oculoplastic surgical instruments, including; Adson forceps, ball tip muscle hook, Bonn forceps , Denis Sclerectomy forceps, epilation forceps, Halsted mosquito forceps, vannas and metzenbaum scissors.

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What is an Oculoplastic surgeon?

An oculoplastic surgeon is a specialised ophthalmologist (eye doctor) who specialises in eyelid and facial plastic surgery relevant to the eyes. The most common aesthetic procedure performed is blepharoplasty (eye-lift).Oculoplastic surgeons can correct results from previous cosmetic surgery around the eyes,
Oculoplastic surgeons spend a minimum of seven years training in eye and eyelid surgery, and have chosen to specialise in oculoplastic surgery.

Who are BOPSS?

Founded in 2000, society members are ophthalmic surgeons who have training and experience in the highly specialised field of Oculoplastic and Oculo-Facial surgery.
BOPSS currently has over 160 full members along with trainees and international associate members. There is a highly successful annual meeting which includes an update course and scientific meeting, with delegates attending from all over the world.
The purpose of BOPSS is to advance the education, research and quality of care in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery of the eyelids, the surrounding facial areas, orbits and lacrimal system (collectively known as Oculoplastic Surgery).

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