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Vitreoretinal VR procedure pack

Product code: SU700/b

Type: Procedure pack

Manufacturer: Surgitrac Instruments

Material: Mixed

Waterproof trolley cover 160x190cm

Tray large.

Waste bag 33 x 14cm with sticky edge x 1

Gallipots 60 ml  x 2

Eye spears x 10

Gauze swabs XRD 10×7.5cm latex free 32 ply d/w x 5

Syringe 5ml luerlock

Syringe 2ml luerlock x 2

Pink needle hypodermic 18G x 1 ½ in blunt x 2

Grey needle hypodermic 27G x ½ in blunt x 2

Eye pad x 2

Clear eye shield

RMPS Rampleys plastic forceps, 14cm x 3

SG06 General blunt scissors

SR11 Adjustable speculum x 1

SA12 Moorefield’s forceps x 2

SA11 Westcott Scissors

SC61 Needle holder x 2

SG04 (C) Braunstein type fixed caliper

SC20 Colibri tying forceps

SG11 Jameson hook extended

SG02 Mosquito type forceps x 5

SC37 Scleral forceps

BD304000 yellow needle 30G

BD305211 red needle 18G

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