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Our People

Surgitrac Instruments Group

Meet the team at Surgitrac Instruments Group

Our people

Surgitrac® Instruments Group Limited is a registered company.

We have offices in the UK, Hong Kong and manufacturing facilities in China.

We specialise in surgical instruments for export markets including; North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Surgitrac Instruments’ British operational management and UK based Customer Services, process all enquiries and transactions.

Our in-house expertise includes sales support, engineers, logistics, supply chain management, finance, design, marketing, and customer service.

These are some of the people who work at Surgitrac® Instruments Group. Click here to follow us on Linked In.

Andrew Lawson

Chairman and Non-Executive Director

Andrew’s primary role as Chairman is to ensure that the board is effective in its tasks of setting and implementing the company's direction and strategy and ensures good corporate governance.

Steve Bourne

Group Sales and Business Development Director

Steve continually reviews and develops the Surgitrac® Instruments product portfolio ensuring it maintains its position as a leading manufacturer of specialist surgical instruments.

Maggie Lawson

Group Finance Director and General Manager

Maggie is responsible for day-to-day management of all operations.

Ronnie Johns

International Sales, Product and Regulatory Manager

Ronnie is responsible for export sales, product management regulatory affairs.

Max Rogers

UK Sales & Marketing Manager

Max is MIA accredited and responsible for managing the UK sales and marketing team.

Mobile: 07799 716396

Jacqui Miller

Key Accounts Manager

Jacqui is MIA accredited and responsible for managing key accounts in the NHS / Private sector

Paul McCabe

Clinical Specialist

Paul is MIA accredited and responsible for customers and accounts.

Mobile: 07876 546886

Scott Shipley

Clinical Specialist

Scott is MIA accredited and responsible for customers and accounts.

Mobile: 07776 598631

Heetendra Patel

Field Engineer

Heetendra is an MIA accredited service engineer. Mobile: 07785 254572

Rachel Chorley

Group Marketing Manager

Rachel is responsible for strategic marketing and global marketing plans.

Diane Smith

Group Finance Manager

Diane is responsible for managing the group's financial operations.

Peter Grimes

Warehouse Manager

Peter is responsible for operational logistics.

Surgitrac® Europe Gilles Lemoine

European Sales Manager

Surgitrac® Europe - sales and distributor management.

Surgitrac® Europe Anne Moreschi

Customer Enquiries

Surgitrac® Europe -European customer and distributor enquiries.

Sean Mockett

Northern Ireland

Sean is the Surgitrac® representative responsible for sales in Northern Ireland.

Helene O'Hagan

Republic of Ireland

Helene is the Surgitrac® representative responsible for sales in The Republic of Ireland (ROI).