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Do you need a distributor to sell your products to the NHS?

Surgitrac Instruments supplies leading brands to UK Ophthalmology


We are an established supplier of ophthalmic products to the UK market, including the NHS.

Our in-house tender specialists manage the bid process to ensure that we are represented on appropriate frameworks,

We have successfully placed 100’s of our own, and partner products on NHS National Framework Agreements.

If you are a supplier looking for a trusted UK distributor, please contact us.

These are some of the leading brands we already work with. We have exclusive UK distribution rights for the majority of our partners’ products.


ALBOMED® GmbH  develops and manufactures ophthalmic viscosurgical devices (OVD’s), viscoelastic substances and irrigation solutions as well as consumable items for medical use.

Biotech Healthcare

Biotech Healthcare is an ophthalmic products manufacturer of OVD’s, ophthalmic stains and devices.


brumaba OPERATING TABLE SYSTEMS, offers a range of patient beds, chairs and transport. It also provides chairs and stools for the practitioner/surgeon.

brumaba OPERATING TABLE SYSTEMS has over 30 years’ experience of design and development, manufactured in Germany. brumaba OPERATING TABLE SYSTEMS’ products are suitable for use in many medical disciplines including Ophthalmology, Dental, Maxillofacial, Cosmetics / Aesthetics and Gynaecology. brumaba is renowned for its reputation for quality, innovation and practical design.

The multifunction range of tables, chairs and stools are available in a wide choice of colours to suit any surgical environment. Tables are powered by micro-hydraulics, easy to use and move with steering caster undercarriage and hygienically sealed easy running wheels.


CorneaGen helps patients regain the fullness of life by helping doctors improve surgical outcomes for eye injury and disease, by delivering innovative surgical solutions used by ophthalmologists during surgery. Surgitrac UK supplies the EndoSerter.


Medicel, Swiss Technology for surgery. Making eye surgery safer, simpler and more effective is Medicel’s core ethic from conceptual design to product development, manufacturing and assembly. Keeping the incision as small as possible during surgery is Medicel’s goal. In the area of lens injection systems, Medicel has set new benchmarks. Over 2 million IOLs are implanted every year with Medicel injections systems, attesting to our leading position in the world market.

Swiss quality stands for precision, reliability and longevity with high-quality, economical, single-use irrigation / aspiration I/A handpieces All products are compatible with most surgical equipment and facilitate traditional surgical techniques as well as the bimanual and coaxial techniques used in micro-incision surgery.

Moria Surgical Instruments

Moria Surgical established in 1820 is an experienced and pioneering ophthalmic instrument manufacturer. Moria is recognised for its outstanding technical expertise in Corneal surgery, it manufacturers ophthalmic products for use in corneal transplant and refractive surgery. Products include the Muraine Punch, adjustable vacuum trephines and DSAEK/ALTK artificial chambers and Intraocular lenses (IOLs).

Unique Technologies

Unique-technologies offers a complete line of the finest quality microsurgical knives. From the popular stab knife to the most exacting MVR and micro-incision Cataract blades. Unique-Edge products are manufactured, assembled, and packaged to the highest of standards. Unique – Edge micro surgical knives ensure a consistently sharp edge, reliable performance, and a precise, reproducible incision every time.