IVT pack 650386

Product code: SU650386

Type: Procedure pack

Manufacturer: Surgitrac Instruments

Material: Mixed

Crepe Paper 90x90cm as wrap

SG04A Braunstein Type Fixed Caliper

SC11 Kratz Barraquer Wire Speculum

RMPS Rampleys Type Plastic Forceps, 14cm

Surgical Tray 24.5x14x2.5cm

Gallipots 120ml flat with 3 gauzes ball mesh 26x18cm

6” Woven Cotton Buds quantity 3

1ml Luerlock Syringe with 0.01ml increments

SMS Perforated Drape 40x40cm, aperture 6.7×6.7cm, incise film

Hand Towels 30x40cm quantity 2

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