Moria Evolution 3E

Product code: EVOLUTION3E

Type: Moria surgical products

Manufacturer: Moria Surgical

A common technology platform for all Surgeries.
MORIA’ s console offers a wealth of features to enhance performance, safety, flexibility, and ease-of-use. Two forward speeds allow customization of flap thickness, as well as the flexibility to manage various corneal geometries. Two high performance pumps rapidly create a stable vacuum. Low vacuum option facilitates extremely gentle flap manipulation on a reverse pass and secure globe fixation during laser ablation. Slow vacuum release option, gentle onset and release to minimize patient discomfort and potential retinal trauma. Continuously monitors all key parameters and confirms status through visual and audible signals. Operates the Epi-KTM, the One-Use-Plus, the M2 Single Use and the ALTK-CBm System for corneal keratoplasty.


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