Vitrectomy pack

Product code: VR103P

Type: Procedure pack

Manufacturer: Surgitrac Instruments

Material: Mixed

SA11 Westcott scissors

SA12 Moorfields forceps

SC81 Vannas fine scissors

SG06 General scissors blunt tip

SR10 Bladed adjustable speculum

SG02 Mosquito type forceps

SC20 Colibri tying forceps

SC61 Needle holder

SC71 Straight tying forceps quantity 2

1 SG11 Jameson hook extended

Reinforced (double) trolley drape 160x150cm

Surgical tray 24.5x14x2.5cm

Gallipots 60ml quantity 2

Gauzes non-woven 10x10cm quantity 15

Hypodermic needle 30G 0.3 mm x 13 mm quantity 2

Syringe 1ml Luer-lock quantity 2

Syringe 5ml Luer-lock

Blunt fill needle with filter 18G 1.2mm x 40mm quantity 2

RMPS Rampleys plastic forceps, 14cm

Eye spears quantity 5

Clear eye shield

Cotton swabs quantity 5

Eye pad 6x8cm

Arm board Covers quantity 2

Surgical drape 124.5x139cm, aperture 9x12cm, incise film, with fluid collection bag

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